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GanjaSeedShop the Cannabis Information Network

Welcome to our Webseite!

Hello hemp friends We are a coworker of 20 Grower  . 12 years ago from Germany to Spain emigrated, because the Spanish legislation is more liberal with the handling of cannabis. We have made it our task to bring some light into the madness of madness.Mal honestly who looks at the whole Seedbank and varieties still through .

With  experience  of  700 grows with different varieties of different cooperative banks from the Netherlands and Spain, we have selected 3 varieties for each category.At the moment, we are growing to more than 60 members and it is growing

We meet 4 times a year and share the latest experiences about new varieties. Furthermore, a StrainHunter is available all year round to find the best varieties that have earned our opinion on our website. The website is for informational purposes only. We wish you lots of fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are Grower ,not Gangster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to join our association send us a mail.Send us your experiences, many a few pictures